Hey guys I'm Grannah-Hartbig, I write hartbig fics! I've only been writing fics for a little more than two months, but hey I don't think I'm half bad. Have any ideas you want written? Message me, I don't bite ;)
Anonymous said: who's lady? I noticed you wrote about her in one of the fanfics and I'm new to the fandom... sorry :(

Lady is one of the girls that hannah dated. She made a video about it I’m pretty sure.

Anonymous said: So I was wondering if I could send a request for a fic, am I allowed?

Go for it, I haven’t written a fic for so long

Anonymous said: Hi! Loving your stuff thank you n__n I am demanding in my head but I'll ask instead please more of the 'Hannah and you' nsfw stuff.. Oh yeah... Haha <3

I just messaged the person that I did that with to see if they’d make another fic with me c: so keep your hopes up.

Anonymous said: I was wondering will you be my best friend?

Come be my friend in Flagstaff. I have like no friends up here anyway


Basically I was fucking around on tumblr tonight, and I wrote a little snippet in the perspect of you, as if Hannah was about to fuck you, and Darcy or dontgobreakingmyhart joined in and we started adding to the story as we alternated reblogs, and we came up with this fic. So, enjoy?  

Also if this is something you’re in to, maybe I’ll write some more?

Genre: NSFW, pure literary porn

Word count: 816

Hannah pushes you up against a wall and locks your wrists above your head. She licks the side of your neck slowly and sucks on your pulse point. She runs her hand down your side and wraps her fingers around the hem of your pants. She raises her head to where you can basically feel her warm breath on your ear and whispers in a low husky voice

"Take them off"

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Word Count: 1526

Genre: NSFW / Romance / Angst?

OKAY, I understand this is a swarto fic, and my username is “grannah-hartbig” so I’m sorry if you’re dissapointed by the lack of hartbig in this fic, doesn’t mean its not good though.

Disclaimer: This fan fic does talk about Lady’s and Hannah’s breakup, I am in no way trying to disrespect her boundaries, and to make sure shes not uncomfortable, I’ll even make sure to just tag this with sarah and swarto so she doesn’t even have to see it, because the last thing I’d want is to make anyone uncomfortable. This also does not mean I know what happened to their relationship, I have no idea, and do not care to pry.


The lamp sitting on the coffee table illuminated the living room in a soft glow. It was comforting, but the air lingered with secrets. Sniffles and weeps broke the silence. Lady pulled her arm in to her sleeve slightly and wiped the free falling tears on to the corner of her hoodie. She looked up. Her eyes were streaked with red, and glints of sadness that spilled over on to her cheeks.

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Today was a wild day for Mamrie, so I think she deserves a drink.

I made her Mamrie Candy Hearts!

This is so fucking cool omg

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Word count: 1001



As Hannah sat on a bench in front of her friends house, she couldn’t help but think about her life. Even though there was birds chirping and children playing in the park across the road, she doesn’t think shes ever heard so much silence. She had always spent so much time thinking. Thinking about the past, past relationships, past failures, past friendships, and successes. She also spent an equal amount of time thinking about the future, future partners, careers, life. It was almost as if she never had anytime to think about the present, and that’s what slowly ate away at her.

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Word count: 602


Hannahs POV


I woke up to long fingers pressing against the soft flesh on the back of my neck. Wiping away the drowsiness from my eyes, I turned over in the sheets and smiled at the blonde that was staring back at me. I moved the girls fringe out of her face and brush my lips lightly against hers. I slowly removed the fluffy covers off mine and her legs, and got out of bed, leaving my partner to cuddle beneath the blankets and fall back asleep

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Anonymous said: i love them i honestly do, they're great ideas and story lines i just sometimes find it hard to read bc of the grammar

Its probably the theme to be honest. My grammar really isn’t that bad I promise you, but my theme that I have on that blog (which I haven’t updated in so long, and have practically stopped making fics entirely) makes everything on my blog lower case. So, I guess your only solution is stop complaining and deal with it. 

themed by coryjohnny for tumblr