Hey guys I'm Grannah-Hartbig, I write hartbig fics! I've only been writing fics for a little more than two months, but hey I don't think I'm half bad. Have any ideas you want written? Message me, I don't bite ;)

So as most of you know, Grace, Hannah, and Mamrie all reenacted one of my fics at the no filter show. The fan fic that they reenacted was “skype.” And don’t get me wrong I was OVERJOYED at the fact that they did my fan fic. It was practically a dream come true after one of my friends had hers played out at the previous no filters. I have no harsh feelings on either Hannah or Grace, you guys both did amazingly and love you, but I watched this version from NYC and Mamrie….those little jabs at my fic at the end kind of hurt.

"I mean like I’m sorry or what ever, I think I overreacted. As my token of acceptance of this, really strange and never going to happen relationship, id like to offer this token of this meal that I cooked for multiple hours during the fan fiction, you know that stew that I made for 5 hours then put in the oven? that one"

Mamrie, I’m not going to sit here and criticize you for saying it. I mean it’s your comedy show and you’re free to say what you want to say, but you think you could empathize a bit on the whole “negative comment” factor considering you make your own content. I could understand someone else from tumblr saying those comments and such, but coming a from youtuber that I look up to, and then having the whole audience laugh at it…I couldn’t help but take it to heart.

I write for fun and just to give a few hartbig shippers some entertainment. I think its one thing not to like something that I write, but mocking it in front of 100s of people for a few laughs at my expense, i think crossed the line a bit. I love your humor don’t get me wrong, but I think the remarks bit down harder than expected.




she responded!


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